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Tips for Finding New Clients

New design companies on the market can find it difficult to get clients right away. This is a process that takes some time and effort. However, even if you are new to the market, you still have many ways to attract the customer’s attention to your company and outrun some…

Getting Your Web Design Business Out There

It does not take much capital to start a web design business and surprising enough still many don’t last in this industry. Why? Well it’s because of the “knowing factor”. What’s the “Knowing Factor”? Are you, your family, and friends the only people that know that you are starting a…

Steps for Completing a Successful Web Design Project

Being a designer ultimately means to help people understand a message. The better the designer sells, the happier the customer is. Having many projects to fulfill, you as a professional should have a structure in mind, which you can apply to every project. It does not matter whether you are…

What to Know as a Client and As A Designer

Before Hiring a Designer  It may seem like common sense to go for a designer who’s known in your industry, but that may actually be counter-productive to getting a fresh design. Instead look through the designer’s portfolio (they may have it available on their website, as a PDF, or they…

What to Know Before Hiring a Designer

Anyone searching for a graphic designer may have the assumption they’ll need to spend a lot of money.  Or that you have to search alone. Making an informed decision when it comes to the designer will save you a lot of financial headaches later, saving you money instead of sinking…

Starting a Design Company – How Easy Can it Really Be?

Maybe it has always been a dream of yours to start your own design company. Or maybe you have done several side jobs, and now people are starting to talk about you. New clients start to call, and your phone seems like its ringing off the hook. Perhaps you are…

Build Your Client’s Experience

You’re doing well as a graphic designer and gaining clients on a regular basis. This is the goal of every person who sets out on their own. Of course, if you don’t have a way to keep clients and their projects organized this can quickly turn into a business nightmare….

How to Stand Out as a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are entrepreneurs, which mean all the responsibilities of keeping a business afloat is on your shoulders. As a business owner you need to do more than have great designs. You must have an interesting brand. Most people may assume that just means having an identifying logo. While that’s…

A Delicate Tango: You and Your Client

The relationship between designers and clients can be very delicate; on our side we know what can be done (and what can’t) and how long it usually takes, while on their side they might have some difficulties describing their vision to us, or even settling on a single coherent idea….

The Importance of a Good Brand

What is your brand? It’s the complete value of your business. To start attracting clients, the methods you use for promotion must give them hints of what they can expect from you. By seeing your skills in action they’ll be more confident when it comes to actually buying your services….

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