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How colourful is your world? It might sound like a strange question but part of understanding who I am is understanding how I see the world. For me,the world is a very colourful place, full of sounds, spaces and possibilities; I can find inspiration practically everywhere I look, and I like channelling it into drawing.

And that’s why being a designer is the perfect job for me: I am able to use my creativity on a daily basis on a series of challenging and stimulating projects. Everyday I get to create something new, usually for an advertisement or leaflet, since that’s where I get most of my work. Occasionally there’s the chance to work on more artistic things like illustrating books: my favourite are children’s books. I also like doing prints, combining famous quotes with perfect backgrounds and images – but those are something I do for myself.

What I also love about being a designer is that it allows me some flexibility: I don’t need to be at the office to work for I can easily do it at home; I can take a freelance job or two, should I need or wantsome extra money. Designers have an ample field of employability:books, magazines, advertisement, the fashion industry, the furniture industry, the cars industry,and who knows what else? What I mean is that being a designer can accommodate your likes and dislikes and provide you with the means to make a living while doing something you’re actually passionate about.


And, of course, the thought of starting your own agency is going to cross your mind on more than one occasion. The idea of working for you, following your rules and principles is very seductive. And while it might seem like an exciting challenge for some, for others it can be a quite daunting enterprise.

That’s why I’ve decided to set up this blog: to share whatever knowledge I’ve have gathered throughout my career when it comes to starting a business. Some may say there isn’t enough market for all the designers, but the demand for qualified professionals combined with the array of areas in which a designer is requested tell me that if you find your niche and provide excellent service then there’s a very good chance for your business to thrive.

Here I intend to discuss some topics related to business management, rather than designing per se; so you should expect to read about working with clients, using social media to your advantage, the importance of branding, etc.: anything you might need in order to become a successful entrepreneur.

Through this blog I plan to help you find the best options for your career and provide you with some support as you devise the most favourable way to achieve your goal of being self-employed or having your own agency. I believe that here we can develop a community focused on how to best start and manage our business, always striving for innovation, creativity, beauty, and respect.