Getting Your Web Design Business Out There

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Getting Your Web Design Business Out There

It does not take much capital to start a web design business and surprising enough still many don’t last in this industry.

Why? Well it’s because of the “knowing factor”. What’s the “Knowing Factor”?

Are you, your family, and friends the only people that know that you are starting a web design business, or even have one?

Well for a very small few that might work on getting your business out there and in front of millions of people. You might even have family who knows tons of people and friends as well, and they are telling everybody that you are the best.

However if you are a human being and you live on this planet 99.9% of people on the earth, (i.e. unless they are your dear old grandma & Pa), want to see something you did. Right?

Nobody is going to take your word for it and give you hundreds and in many cases thousands of dollars to create a web-page for you that glows.

So what can you do for starters?


To get those superior clients you have to show them something that you did. Not just anything, but your best work.

If you’re just starting out and you don’t have a portfolio yet what can you do?

You have to look outside the box.

  • You can offer your services to Non-Profits, small local businesses-
  • Do friends, and family-
  • Create things that you have always been passionate to do-
  • Do smaller jobs with big results
  • Build your own flaming web-site
  • Put your stuff on YouTube, Face Book, Instagram, and Tweeter

With the on line highway there are millions of ways that you can get people to know what you do.

This is another way you can build a solid portfolio.


Another thing that you can do is:

  • Create business cards to say who you are and what you do. You can find reasonably priced business cards on Vista Print.
  • Attending functions is another good way of letting people know what you do.

Salons, Spa’s, Churches, schools, and popular restaurants love strong web-sites because they want to attract people. If you are creative you will find many ways of getting your business out there.

Stay passionate, and surround yourself around people who promote what you do. Stay away from the dream killers, and those who do not have goals. Continue to research the market for likeminded individuals. Take notice of successful businesses and learn how they treat people and get business.

It’s also very important to have a good personality. Don’t become a Geek and forget that you have to talk to your clients. Your clients love to talk to real people.  We are professionals that care about helping individualsto enhance, and improve their revenue source, & in turn this invigorates our growth.

You have a connection to the world, and this is powerful. The only way that you are going to be heard or seen, is if you let them know that you are there.

How colourful is your world? It might sound like a strange question but part of understanding who I am is understanding how I see the world. For me,the world is a very colourful place, full of sounds, spaces and possibilities; I can find inspiration practically everywhere I look, and I like channelling it into drawing.

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