How To Get New Clients: 4 Tips

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How To Get New Clients: 4 Tips

November 25, 2016No Comments

As a business person, you have no worry on how to obtain new clients. You are not into business to waste time and money. New clients do not just come but you have to be applying some effort so as to benefit from new clients. Marketing materials should be enticing enough to assure clients that their interests are catered for under your care. If these four things are present in your design firm, then new clients will be dreams come true.

Your positioning statement should be compelling and catchy

What makes you stand out in the market place? Can your competitors do better were they in your position? Majority of the design companies have perfected the art of product differentiation as far as clients’ products are concerned. These three mistakes should not be present whenever you are in the process of passing information to your clients about positioning statement:

  1. The statements that most design companies confuse the reason why clients prefer them and why clients stay with the said design companies. Such issues cannot be demonstrated during the “dating process.”
  2. Most design firms concentrate on what is true as opposed to talking about what is different.
  3. Design companies worry over the erroneous things.

Most of the statements made by majority of the design companies make marketing appear claptrap since there is no difference from the rest of the design companies. If you have nothing to say to new clients even after bursting into new rooms, then the clients lose your attention quickly, and therefore you lose business.

Exude personal confidence

Once you radiate a lot of confidence, any potential client will relax. Do you believe that you stand out from the rest in what you do? If you answered no to this question, find another filed where you can do well, but if you believe, then act. Make plausible presentations that can be appreciated by new clients. Show that you have great expertise in providing solutions to market challenges.

Identify new connections

Most of the clients that you get in your new business are not as a result of personal efforts but referrals. Such referrals could be due to employee connection, supplier connection, client connection, and supporter connection. List your best clients and let them show you how they came to be your clients. Go out and make new connections since you will have made a potential client for tomorrow.

Do not be involved intimately in the process of finding new clients

Professional design firms do not rely on cold calling so as to get new clients. Nabbing new clients is a strenuous exercise that calls for your attention and commitment. Since you are the principal of your design firm, do not tie yourself overly into the practice o getting new clients. Just show direction and the rest of the work will be done even in your absence. You only need to trust the staffs that you have. They will do the work.

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