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What to Know Before Hiring a Designer

Anyone searching for a graphic designer may have the assumption they’ll need to spend a lot of money.  Or that you have to search alone. Making an informed decision when it comes to the designer will save you a lot of financial headaches later, saving you money instead of sinking…

Starting a Design Company – How Easy Can it Really Be?

Maybe it has always been a dream of yours to start your own design company. Or maybe you have done several side jobs, and now people are starting to talk about you. New clients start to call, and your phone seems like its ringing off the hook. Perhaps you are…

Build Your Client’s Experience

You’re doing well as a graphic designer and gaining clients on a regular basis. This is the goal of every person who sets out on their own. Of course, if you don’t have a way to keep clients and their projects organized this can quickly turn into a business nightmare….

How to Stand Out as a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are entrepreneurs, which mean all the responsibilities of keeping a business afloat is on your shoulders. As a business owner you need to do more than have great designs. You must have an interesting brand. Most people may assume that just means having an identifying logo. While that’s…

A Delicate Tango: You and Your Client

The relationship between designers and clients can be very delicate; on our side we know what can be done (and what can’t) and how long it usually takes, while on their side they might have some difficulties describing their vision to us, or even settling on a single coherent idea….

The Importance of a Good Brand

What is your brand? It’s the complete value of your business. To start attracting clients, the methods you use for promotion must give them hints of what they can expect from you. By seeing your skills in action they’ll be more confident when it comes to actually buying your services….

Managing Client Relationships – The Business Side

When you open up your own web design firm, your ability to make money is going to be dependent on your own abilities.  Not only your own web design abilities, but also your ability to price your services effectively, manage your workload, and be able to enlist the help of…

How to Follow Through With the Success of Your New Design Company

As mentioned earlier on past blogs that I have written in regards to building a new Design Business there are many rules to this subject. Today I will share with you two more rules that have helped me tremendously in this field of Design. The first one: 1.     Taking inventory…

Branding – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

For any business, your brand sums up your entire identity.  It is your mission statement, your reputation, your product offering, and how others reference you.  Your brand will evoke different feelings for different people.  It will roll off people’s tongues and be the first thing they think of when they…

Why Should You Care About Branding?

Your brand is more than your logo, it’s everything associated with your company; including your website, how you use social media (are you responsive and polite, or short tempered when someone has a problem?), how you speak to customers in person or on the phone, and how staff (if you…