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Simple Tips For Improving Your Web Design

December 25, 2016No Comments

The way you lay your website, the colors you use, font size, and images you use or fail to use spells out the difference between failure and success in your company’s website. If you want to increase the traffic to your website, make sure that what they look for can be found in an easy way. Use the below tips to ensure that people stay longer on website, and buy things that you offer.

Ensure that your logo is polished and professional and linked to home page
Tiffany Monhollon, a senior content marketing manager with Reach Local urges you to ensure that your logo is placed at a prominent location on your site. It is a paramount part of your brand, use it well. Ensure that your image is a high a resolution one and that it located at the upper left corner of every page that you own. As a rule of the thumb, link your logo to your home page to make it easy for your visitors to navigate there easily.

Ensure that your imagination is intuitive
Deploy the primary navigation options at the top of the site in a horizontal bar. Use the side bar to provide secondary options of navigation just below the primary bar. Intuitive navigation is vital else a confusing navigation will drive people away since they will not struggle to figure out its meaning. Your landing pages should have links to important pages in your site and the links that are of little importance should be placed as footer at the bottom of the page.

Remove clutter from your site
Websites nowadays are loaded with images that almost bring our brains to a stop since the options are way too many. Just make sure that your site has no calls that compete for a visitor’s action. Too many graphics, animated gifts, and visual clutter might draw the attention of the visitors away from what is important. Limit the number of links on headers and footers if possible. Your paragraphs should not be long. Keep them short. A paragraph should not be more than 5-6 lines.

Let your visitors breathe
A clustered website can chock the attention of the visitors. Allow your visitors some time to breathe in between the images and the paragraphs. Such a breather is a respite for your web visitors, and it enables them to absorb what your site has to offer. The contemporary design of websites has created room for lots of competition, and in such a scenario less is more.

Use colors in a strategic manner
A neutral color palette gives your site an elegant and an appealing view. Employ small dashes of color in your headlines or on the key graphics in your site. The color palette that you employ should augment your logo to ensure consistency with other materials that you use in marketing. Do not just use a combination of colors that can drive visitors away. Let your color combination speak well of your site.

How colourful is your world? It might sound like a strange question but part of understanding who I am is understanding how I see the world. For me,the world is a very colourful place, full of sounds, spaces and possibilities; I can find inspiration practically everywhere I look, and I like channelling it into drawing.

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