What to Know Before Hiring a Designer

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What to Know Before Hiring a Designer

Anyone searching for a graphic designer may have the assumption they’ll need to spend a lot of money.  Or that you have to search alone. Making an informed decision when it comes to the designer will save you a lot of financial headaches later, saving you money instead of sinking it into a bad business choice. A good recommendation works just as well as taking a blind chance. If you do take friend or family member’s recommendation, be wary of hiring a relative. It can be hard to maintain a professional relationship, and if that goes sour it can ruin more than the partnership. If you choose the designer from a job search website, make sure you have a system of vetting undesirable candidates. Caution should be used no matter how reputable the site but if you’ve never hired a designer before the process can feel overwhelming. If your budget is very tight, and going over is not an option, search around for design company that have budget packages. These tips can help how to find the best designer for your needs.

  • Find out what their experience is. They don’t need to be experts but they should know the fundamentals of their craft. And a designer should have no problem being upfront about how long they’ve been in the business if you ask. If you’re looking for someone to design a graphic for a corporate entity, you should ask if they have any marketing experience.


  • Ask for references, but know that there could be a variety of reasons that they can’t reveal a client’s name. And be specific. Say you want a live reference not a static comment on their guest page. This way you can have a conversation with clients who had a positive opinion of the artist’s work and see what, if anything changed.

If you hire a designer to create a blog or website, but doesn’t have the experience they say they do you’ll end up with a buggy website that will cost you even more money to fix. So it’s better to not go with the first designer you find. If they build a website that looks great but the designer doesn’t understand SEO, you’ll have to put more effort into promotion. Otherwise there’s a good chance your site will be passed over for sites that are easier to find. Everything that’s left out by the designer will cost you in time and money.

You might be wondering at this point why should you hire a graphic designer. If you don’t have any experience in design yourself, it saves time. Some artists can take up to a week for a logo, but a good designer will give you insights into the process as long as you give them room to work. Go in knowing exactly what you want; do you need a company brochure, logo, a website? Do you have a sketch of what you want that the artist can incorporate into the final design? If you or the company already has a website, a designer can still look at it and find the best way to make it more attractive to potential customers.  If their suggestions don’t fit your goal, be firm but polite in turning down the suggestion. It’d be better if you have your plans written down because you can then point to why the suggestion won’t work; instead of it looking like you can’t handle feedback or you’re over-controlling.  Cooperation is the most important thing that can exist between client and artist to ensure the best product. Find an artist who is more than willing to include you in discussions throughout the design process, not just at the start and end.

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